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AlchiMerge Update News!

📣 AlchiMerge REVAMPED!
Server maintenance is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) at 11:00 (GMT +1) ⏰

Hello Shopkeepers 👋
AlchiMerge is receiving a big makeover, we are revamping it to be so much more fun AND beautiful! These past few months we have absorbed all your feedback and gotten help from the Google Play team to improve AlchiMerge to be the best game it can be! We've made major changes to the Map, the Early Game, and the Crafting System to ensure more players stay and have fun with us on the Vortex Isles! 💕

❗ Starting Anew!
Because we have made significant and major changes you will be given an important choice after the maintenance to either:


🍑 1. Restart- Start anew and get the full experience of AlchiMerge revamped with a big starter pack in the shape of gems 💎
📋 2. Template- Get a new savefile similar to your old one, on the new Isles, as well as a compensation pack in the shape of gems! 💎(We do not recommend this option, as the game will look and feel completely different from what you have gotten used to) 
💰 In-Game Purchases 
All purchases you've made will still be in your game whichever choice you make! This happens automatically.  
❔Got Questions? Reach out to us on our socials!
We'd love it if you would consider the option to restart your AlchiMerge experience ❤️ We've worked so hard to rework the early game and how you as a player advance in the game. By restarting the game you will get to experience a reworked map, both graphically and mechanically, a new crafting system that is less confusing, and a game progression that over time will feel a lot more rewarding! We are dying to know what you guys think about it! 

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